Interview with Kinzie Madsen on the Kinzcoworld podcast

Do you listen to business podcasts?

When I first started ponderosa creative, I listened to every business podcast I could while working. Industry specific quilting podcasts, women-owned business podcasts, financial podcasts, manifestation and goal digging podcasts, you name it.

Before I found out about true crime podcasts, business podcasts were my jam! Now, I listen to only a few-- and the kinzcoworld podcast is the one I make sure to listen to whenever a new episode is up.

This week, an interview that I did with Kinzie Madsen of Kinzcoworld went live! In the episode, we talk about the steps I took with Ponderosa Creative to increase my retail stockists tenfold, increase brand visibility, and increase revenue by thousands each month-- all while having fun doing it. I think this episode-- and this podcast in general-- is super important for any new creative business to listen to. I never claim to be an expert on business-- but in this episode I share what I've learned so far that has really helped take ponderosa creative from a side hustle to a full time gig that actually pays the bills.

Wherever you listen to podcasts, search "kinzcoworld" and find episode 64!

Here's some more info:

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