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new product alert: THREAD GLOSS!!

These days I am all about SOLUTIONS and POSITIVE MINDSET and just in general, figuring shit out. I ran into a problem when ordering supplies for upcoming embroidery workshops... there was NOWHERE to get thread gloss for an affordable wholesale rate, especially not locally.

In 2017, the popular manufacturer of Thread Heaven, shuttered its doors forever. I've long since ran out of my little cube of Thread Heaven. I've been looking for a USA-made blend for a long while and haven't found anything I like. When sourcing products for the upcoming embroidery workshops, I finally decided to approach a local lip butter manufacturer, OlyBella, and asked her to work with me to create the perfect consistency thread gloss.




WHAT IS THREAD GLOSS? thread gloss is a specially formulated wax and oil blend that coats your thread to prevent tangles, fraying, and brittleness. Think of it as a deep conditioner for your thread and embroidery floss.

WHY DO I NEED IT? Have you ever had to cut your thread short in the middle of your groove because there was a gnarly knot? Using thread gloss helps prevent tangles and knots, taking away all of the frustration of handwork.

WHAT CRAFTS DO I WANT TO USE IT FOR? Anything that you're dealing with cotton thread-- hand embroidery, hand quilting, cross-stitch, english paper piecing, applique, repairing clothes, whatever. Simply drag your thread across the gloss pot after threading your needle, applying slight pressure on the thread with your thumb, while pulling with your other hand.

HOW IS THIS PRODUCT MADE? I work with a local manufacturer to produce this supreme quality thread gloss with all natural ingredients. Produced in small batches. You can learn more about my production partner Olivia and her company, OlyBella here:

WHAT SCENTS ARE AVAILABLE? Hippie Blend: Contains Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and Frankincense Essential Oil, smells like your childhood visits to the Food Co-op. Vacay Blend: Contains Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and Coconut Natural Flavor Oil, smells like a tropical vacation. No Frills Blend: Contains White Beeswax and Coconut Oil, unscented, boring.

if there is a scent you want to see, let me know! We produce this product in small batches to ensure quality, so only a few scents are available at a time. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? --You can use thread gloss on any thread except for silk and nylon. For best results, stick to cotton and cotton-polyester blends. I haven't used thread gloss on yarn. You're welcome to use this product however you want, let me know how it works so I can update this section! --You're also going to want to store in a cool, dry place. Don't even think about leaving it in the sun! For external use only-- it's totally chill if you get some on your hands when applying to the thread-- just don't eat it. I mean, you'd probably be fine since thread gloss is made with all natural ingredients... but don't. CAN I ORDER THIS WHOLESALE FOR MY RETAIL LOCATION? yes yes YES you can!! We have an amazing wholesale rate with a minimum quantity of only 50. Please send me an email at hello [!at] and I will work with Olivia of OlyBella to provide you with an estimated turnaround time (usually about two weeks). Free shipping on all USA wholesale orders!

try your new favorite hand stitching notion now-- quantities limited.

A jar of thread gloss also comes in the kit you receive at the upcoming embroidery workshops! Spaces filling fast. These workshops are going to be so fun, I hope you join us!

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