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Get Outside and Craft: Hand Embroidery as a portable art form

With BANGS shoes on your feet and embroidery supplies in your bag, you're ready to get outside and craft. As the working artist + embroidery instructor that you know and the BANGS brand ambassador that maybe you don't know, I want to encourage to get out and soak up that crisp air. Take your art with you. Get close to the source of your inspiration and drink it in. Your adventure helps others find theirs; and today I want to tell you about my morning mini-adventure!


I talk a big game about being able to work from anywhere, as my own boss and a working artist. But in reality, I'm often spending the entire day indoors bent over my sewing machine, or sitting in front of my iMac doing the behind-the-scenes work of running a growing home goods + design company. Even when I'm working on a piece of work that is easier to transport, like hand embroidery, I'm often still indoors, cuddled up on the couch at home or in my studio.

Hand embroidery is SO EASY to take with you everywhere, the same way you bring your phone, a book, your tablet, whatever. You can bring all the supplies on an airplane, even. It's a great activity and art form to take up if you're constantly chasing a toddler like I am, or if you travel often, or live in a small space. Plus, it's easy to photograph in nature because of the size!

This morning I decided to do something different. The #momguilt of being a working mom is SO REAL and although I absolutely do make an effort to keep her fed and entertained with toys, books, activities, etc., I still have to work full time, and I think my kiddo gets pretty bored of doing the same thing every day. So this morning, we went to walk around a pond on the outskirts of Olympia instead of going directly to the studio. My toddler is getting increasingly active, and is so happy looking at rocks, moss, mud, carrying sticks... and quacking at ducks.

As much as I have mom guilt around not having my everyday routines revolve around my child, I also have self-employment guilt that also pressures me to work, all the time. That's a thing, right? I can satisfy both of those pressures when I'm working while my kid is content-- and I was able to sit for a good half hour and work while my kid tossed pebbles into the pond and another half hour while she sat and sang to me. It was a really, really good morning.

I'm so grateful to have a job that lets me make my own schedule and show the world to my child-- and I need to take advantage of that A LOT more.

About the embroidery in all of these photos: I'm using DMC embroidery floss and Lecien Cosmo embroidery floss. I prefer Lecien, but it's less affordable and widely available-- I've only been able to find Lecien at certain quilt shops, but DMC is at literally any craft store. Actually, I find most of my embroidery supplies at thrift stores and estate sales.

I've been stitching a lot of Cacti to use as samples in upcoming workshops, and while I always enjoy the quick and fun process of stitching a prickly pear, after half a dozen I needed something a little different. As you can see here, I haven't even started with the cactus yet-- even though I've spent about ten hours on this piece already. I just picked out some floss in colors I've been digging lately and started stitching. No end goal, just taking one color and texture at a time and seeing where it takes me.

I call it thread doodling.


Are you looking for a way to hang out with your kids, friends, family while still being creative? Looking for a way to make cute as heck wall art and upcycled clothing? I'm here to teach you all about embroidery through a series of workshops in the South Puget Sound area of the PNW.

I'm teaching two courses in Tacoma, and four in Olympia. There is a beginner course on cacti where you'll learn how to use two basic stitches to make prickly pear and saguaro cacti. You don't even need to know how to thread a needle to attend this class! And if you are familiar with hand sewing, but maybe not embroidery, this class will still be a fun intro to new skills! For those more familiar with embroidery, I'm also teaching a florals workshop where you can learn even MORE stitches, hear some ideas about color selection, and learn how to combine textures for an awesome and unique bouquet that will last a lifetime.

All workshops come with a kit that includes scissors, hoops, templates, an instruction booklet, thread, needles,

learn more and register here. I can't wait to share this fun skill with you!

oh and I know you're admiring these cute AF ~millennial pink~ high tops. They're by BANGS shoes and you can find them here. You can find them in this Desert Rose color or several other earthy colors. Contact me for an exclusive discount code! I've been enjoying romping around--getting outside and getting creative-- in these shoes. They're durable enough for some serious toddler chasing and cute enough to wear out on the town, and COMFY.

Here's what BANGS has to say about this shoe:


Brand new, hot off the open highway, these fancy new high tops are sure to be your go-to shoe for nights out on the town, wandering through the forrest or picking daisies in a meadow! This soft blush shoe inspired by the desert rose crystal celebrates all things adventure!

So put these puppies to the test! Lace 'em up and smile at a stranger! Buy coffee for the person behind you in line! Give yourself a hug!

These are the shoes to take you to #liveBANGS level extreme!

Adventure BANGS have a heavy canvas body with vulcanized rubber sole and toe cap. Additional foot bed and arch support. > Reinforced heel counter > uni-sex > vegan leather tongue logo > improved comfort, durability > ready for Adventure


With BANGS shoes on your feet and embroidery supplies in your bag, you're ready to get outside and craft.

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