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Introducing the Landscape Collection part one | Meet the Sun + Sea Quilt | Collaboration with A Perf

Good things happen when creative women band together. This post is the first in a series about the landscape collection, a trio of 3 quilts and the paintings they're based on.

Meet the Sun + Sea Quilt

The Sun + Sea Quilt is a modern minimalist quilt made from the repetition of simple geometric blocks; the strip and half-square triangle. The Wall Hanging, as shown in the sample I made for the pattern, is 48" square, the perfect size for a large statement piece in your living room or office.

The wall-hanging is available for purchase and made-to-order custom versions.

The pattern is available as a booklet (currently at the printers, will ship soon). The pattern will eventually be available as a super in-depth pdf with lots of pictures and extra tips. The version available now as a booklet is a simple + crisp "how-to".

The wall hanging + baby sizes most closely resemble the painting by Carrie of A Perfect Something, but the queen allows for a similar yet different visually striking gradient.

Behind the Scenes

The sample was made with hand-dyed fabric. Carrie and I worked together to develop the perfect palette to represent the tones and aesthetic common in both of our previous work, while also presenting something fresh. After we settled on a palette, painted by Carrie, I worked in my backyard with several pots of dye to develop a fabric color palette that mimicked the one Carrie painted.

Many of the fabrics were hand-dyed with avocado (pink), cabbage (light teal), thai tea (light orange), cochineal (soft red) and tumeric (yellow). Natural dyes often give softer, muted tones, so I overdyed with synthetic dyes using an ice-dye method where I craved a bolder color. For example, some of the cabbage dyes were too pale, so I overdyed with a RIT dye ice treatment to create the multi-dimensional teal color shown in this quilt. Also, I only had a very small amount of cochineal-- I found it at Gallery Boom's used art supply store-- and it yielded a very light, yet distinct red that faded to magenta after wash. . I overdyed with a red RIT dye treatment on these, as well, to develop a deeper red.


You can also order the Sun + Sea quilt as a print or greeting card and half of the proceeds will be given to the National Cancer Institute.

stay tuned next week to hear about the folded oceans quilt!


Other News

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