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2018 is a sewing marathon: part 1

Hello! It's finally spring. We survived another winter! It's still raining all the time though. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. The daffodils and grape hyacinths have been blooming in our yard for a few weeks and I can tell the tulips will unfold any day now. There is mud everywhere, and it's always a guess as to whether the hiking trail we choose on the weekends will be flooded or not. The weather can't make up it's mind. My husband and I have done a thorough spring cleaning of our little house and donated a few boxes to the local thrift store and passed down our baby's outgrown clothes. We've weeded, organically fertilized all our garden beds, and planted a plethora of bee-friendly non-gmo PNW wildflowers. I can't wait to pick bouquets with my daughter in a few months.

Since it's spring, it's time to look back on the 2018 Finish-A-Long, a group of sewists that band together to motivate each other to finish projects. Spring naturally feels like a time of renewal and new growth, so I'm happy to reflect on what I've accomplished so far and evaluate my to-do list.

**this post contains some affiliate links, but most of the other sites I link to are not sponsored in any way.

Spring also means it's also time to organize Quarter 1 taxes, but that's easy if you're using Intuit Quickbooks self-employed. Click here for my referral code for 50% off the monthly fee, making it only five dollars! It's absolutely worth it. Intuit Quickbooks Self-Employed saves me from having to hire a very expensive accountant. Not only that, but the program is so user-friendly that my financial literacy has really improved. I think I actually kind of know what I'm doing now!

Anyways. Let's look back to my sewing goals for 2018 for January-March, originally in this post.

And here's an update on that very same list. It's ok if you didn't click the link above.

1. The East to West Quilt. DONE! This was my first finish of the year, and you can read the story behind the quilt here.

2. Finish the Hill & Valley Collection. DONE! They are available for sale now. Shop here!

3. Keep working on the strip quilt for my husband... I don't expect to finish by March but I will be working on it. IN PROGRESS! I added 3 more rows of 9 blocks.

4. Start and finish a millennial quilt. Now that the pattern is out, I want to make another, probably in desert tones. NOPE, DIDN'T GET AROUND TO IT!

5. Start and finish the Aquarius mini quilt by Fancy Tiger Crafts for my daughter's first birthday. DONE!

6. Start and finish a Pacific Northwest themed Diamond Ripple Quilt by Then Came June. IN PROGRESS-- just needs to be quilted & bound.

7. Pattern test my upcoming pattern release (still kind of a secret). IN PROGRESS.

8. A couple of zipper pouches as a quilting break. DONE! I ended up making 33... oops.

9. Then Came June's Sienna Burst quilt-along (begins in March). IN PROGRESS!

I also worked on two Curated Quilts challenges and pattern tested for Southern Charm quilts.

Scroll through the photos below to see my completed projects and works-in-progress for 2018 so far.


Quarter 2: April 1 to June 30

Time to look ahead to the next few months of work. This part of the year, I will be continuing old projects and trying new things.

1. Continue the Sienna Burst quilt-along and finish!

2. More zipper pouches for Gallery Boom and Big Country Handyworks.

3. Probably another Hill & Valley quilt. They're quick and easy and MAYBE I'll even write a pattern for it.

4. Make Then Came June's Sidewalk Chalk quilt building on scraps from the Sienna Burst Quilt.

5. Design new pattern and test!

6. Continue working on the quilt for my husband. I don't expect to finish the quilt this spring, but I'll at least add a few blocks.

7. Topstitch and bind the PNW Diamond Ripples Quilt.

8. Review two patterns for the blog. TBD.

9. Prepare for an upcoming event by making a bunch of wallhangings.

10. Secret sewing... I can't say much about this yet, but you should definitely subscribe to Make Modern magazine in the meantime!

Join in on the fun by sharing your finishes with #2018finishalong or #2018FAL on Instagram and Facebook.

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