2018 Sewing Goals

In late 2017, I stumbled upon (as in, saw an instagram post about it... whatever happened to the stumble-upon website? Do people still use that?) the online community that is Finish-A-Long, a vibrant facebook, blogosphere and instagram network of sewists working together to meet their quarterly and annual sewing goals.

Now that it's 2018, the year that will be my first full year of sewing for a living, I've decided to join the Finish-A-Long Community. First step: List the sewing projects that I would like to complete in 2018.

TLDR; I'll mostly be making quilts of my own design with an exception for a few of my favorite designers.

Quarter 1: January 1 to March 31

The first part of the year will be spent focusing on finishing projects leftover from 2017. Here's what I intend to do:

1. Finish the West to East Quilt (completed 1/11/18)

2. Finish the Hill & Valley quilt collection- a series of 6 small throws and baby blankets. As of the writing of this post, all 6 tops are completed and only 2 are still waiting to be basted, quilted, and bound.

3. Keep working on the strip quilt for my husband... I don't expect to finish by March but I will be working on it.

4. Start and finish a millennial quilt. Now that the pattern is out, I want to make another, probably in desert tones.

5. Start and finish the Aquarius mini quilt by fancy tiger crafts for my daughter's first birthday.

6. Start and finish a Pacific Northwest themed Diamond Ripple Quilt by Then Came June. I already have all the fabric pulled for this!

7. Pattern test my upcoming pattern release (still kind of a secret).

8. A couple of zipper pouches as a quilting break. I bought this fabric and this fabric from Bijou Lovely online to pair with some fabrics I already have... Essex linen is very thick and sturdy, and will save me the step of fusing stabilizer to regular ol' quilting cotton.

9. Then Came June's Sienna Burst quilt-along (begins in March). I tried my hand at this pattern and created a desert-toned wall-hanging for my recent artist showcase in Seattle, and I fell in love (shown below). I'm usually a less-is-more minimalist quilter, but this pattern really has my heart and I want to make the larger throw size. This will be fun! More info about this quilt-along here.

Quarter 2: April 1 to June 30

This part of the year, I will be continuing old projects and trying new things.

I'll add more to this post when we are close to quarter 2... It's hard to make sewing goals so far in advance.

1. Continue the Sienna Burst quilt-along and finish!

2. Another Millennial Quilt!

3. Probably another Hill & Valley quilt. They're easy.

4. I've been meaning to make Then Came June's Sidewalk Chalk quilt... yeah okay I'm kinda obsessed with this designer!

5. Design new pattern and test!

6. Continue working on the quilt for my husband.

Quarter 3: July 1 to September 30

1. Another quilt pattern that has been on my to-do list is Suzy Quilt's Bayside quilt. Isn't it gorgeous?

2. Design new pattern and test.

3. Continue working on the quilt for my husband.

4. Stock up on zipper pouches and embroidered tees (like this one) for the holiday market season.

5. Make a few wall hangings for the holiday market season.

Quarter 4: October 1 to December 31

1. An anniversary quilt for my parents.

2. Design new pattern and test.

3. Quilt for my daughter.

4. Stock up on zipper pouches and embroidered tees for the holiday market season.

5. Continue working on the quilt for my husband.

I may switch up these goals as we go through the year... But here's a rough look of what you can expect from me in 2018!

- Paige



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