Small Scale Creatives Spotlight: Lili McMurtrey of Care Haus Jewelry & Goods

If you've been reading the Ponderosa Creative blog for awhile (or even back when it was thewildsweetpea); you know how passionate I am about lifting up other female entrepreneurs, and particularly those that are local! Here's the second installment in the small scale creatives spotlight series!

Recently, I found Lili's work through my best pal. Her marbled clay really makes my heart sing, I love it so much. She lives in the most gorgeous and happy place in the world, Bellingham Washington, and I feel like her work really reflects the joy captured in that place. You can find her work at local pop-ups, etsy, and Brazen Shop + Studio in Bellingham, the cutest little alley shop curated by local boss babes Karen + Allison.

I'll let Lili tell you all about Care Haus:

My company, Care Haus Jewelry & Goods aims to make art wearable by crafting handmade polymer clay pieces into bold statement jewelry. I draws inspiration from architecture, nature and abstract art. My creative journey began when I was in need of self-care. I strongly believes that art has the power to heal.

Most of the time, I create one-of-a-kind pieces that I don’t intend to replicate, but I have a couple styles that I make duplicates of, like the halo earring in vanilla bean. As soon as I made these, I knew they’d be popular. The shape is simple and the color matches just about everything. I even made myself a pair (a rare occurrence.) To be honest, they’re named after Halo by Beyoncé. That song makes me cry every time!

Whenever I sit down with my clay, I don’t have a solid plan. I like to cut shapes and mess around, rearrange and see what happens. I find most of my best ideas come this way. By just seeing what a shape looks like next to another, I really get outside of my own brain.

Inspiration comes in waves. Some days, I’ll be walking down the street and have an idea. On my walk home from work one day, I passed by this beautiful red-violet bush with fluffy branches, surrounded by deep purple leaves. I knew I needed that color, so I sat down and mixed clays together. This resulted in one of my favorite colors, which I named Smoketree, the name of the bush. 

Find Care Haus online here:




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