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Montara Wall Hanging: From Vacilando Quilting's new book, Simple Geometric Quilting.

Last summer, I had the honor to meet Laura Preston of Vacilando Quilting, and help out on a few projects for her book, like the Antelope Canyon quilt!

I also had the opportunity to make a couple of projects from the new book Simple Geometric Quilting, like this Montara Wall Hanging:

photographed at Kootenay Lake near Nelson, BC

I used all hand-dyed fabrics, and unbleached cotton for this mini quilt. All of the material used is secondhand + repurposed, except for the thread. That means secondhand cotton, batting, dye… and I even use secondhand tools when possible-- my rotary cutter, dye pots, juki tl2010q, and iron were all new-to-me. I strive to be as sustainable as possible working in an industry with an exorbitant amount of textile waste. Furthermore, since the pieces for both wall hangings were so small and manageable, I was able to dig into my “big scraps” bin for all of the hand-dyed pieces.

Here's a few things I found helpful when constructing the montara wall hanging:

-- chain piece your HSTs. This gets it done in record time!

--press all HST seams to the darker side

--web piece all your HSTs, for ease of piecing rows

--press rows and column seams open

--iron the front and back!

How great is the texture of this hand dyed fabric?

For the quilting, I chose to experiment away from my usual straight lines or wiggles, and chose some small scale stitching that accents the design of the quilt. My version of the montara wall hanging is quilted similar to the book, where the echoing triangles have corresponding echoing stitching that stretches the (small) expanse of the quilt.

I also think it's a good idea to use canvas or another thick material when adding the hanging corners, to prevent any warping from the dowel, and so it just hangs better!

Thanks for tuning in! Follow Laura on instagram and check out her quilting journal to hear more about projects from the book #simplegeometricquilting.

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