Hip Bags + Plant Stickers + Quilt Patterns: New products and musings

Updated: Feb 25

hiiiiiii. I'm launching a brand new product on Tuesday and I thought you'd like to know! In the Ponderosa Creative web shop, we are putting up 11 hip bags in two styles, and each one is unique. I've also been working on a lot of other stuff and not writing about it, and since I love to hear about other artists' creative processes... maybe I should share more of the behind the scenes at Ponderosa. After the absolute thrill of a packed summer market and holiday season, things have slowed down here, enough to take a break and say what's what. So, uh, hello! How are ya!


First up: These cuties debuted at Tacoma Night Market last night, and several were swooped up! The remainders of the two styles will be posted sometime on Tuesday. I'll send out an email to newsletter subscribers when they're up!

Another way to make sure you don't miss this drop of one-of-a-kind hip bags is to "favorite" the ponderosa creative shop on etsy. That way, new items will be automatically on your home page every time you open up etsy.com.

I will also dropping new items periodically throughout the next few weeks, including extras from wholesale batches and market leftovers. Think upcycled vinyl + hand-dyed clutches, pencil pouches, totes, semi-circle pouches, remnant keychains, makeup bags, maker supply bags, upcycled apparel... I could go on, but basically, there's a lot coming on to the website very soon, and you should definitely keep an eye out ESPECIALLY with mother's day coming up.

The Vinyl Collage hip bags are made with two layers of salvaged remnant vinyl, purchased at an outlet center specializing in offcuts from the auto and marine vehicle industries. These are thick, durable vinyls.. think of the wear and tear that cars and boats go through! Each hip bag features a different collage style.To me, these scream 80s. Wear these to a rave, hiking, shopping, whatever... I think they're pretty versatile.

The Sequim collection of quilted hip bags, with vinyl backs, is a nod to the lush lavender fields of Washington State's olympic rainshadow. Every summer, the eastern peninsula comes alive with tourists from all over the world, there to smell some lavender and buy LAVENDER SCENTED EVERYTHING. Like, no kidding! I do love to visit... and as I was pulling fabric colors for this series, the earthy tones mixed with light purples instantly reminded me of Sequim.

Oh, and by the way, each bag has a vinyl back, with a reinforced strap that runs along the entire back. The bag itself measures 9.5" x 6.5" in a semicircle, and the strap folds over to 12" at its tightest and 43" at its loosest. These will fit most folks, even kids can wear these bags as across-the-chest-strap backpacks... my kiddo sure looked cute trying it on! Heck, even my husband tried it on backpack style, and I think it looked pretty neutral and cute.

These were really popular last night, as folks gathered around to see which style suits them the most. I'm excited to see which ones yall pick!

In case you missed it, we also have been releasing stickers! All of them are designed by me, drawn, and made with elements from the hand-dyed fabric collection I did with Backdrop Stock. The themes reflect things we love here at Ponderosa: Quilting, Plants, and the PNW.

In case you missed it 2.0, 3.0, etc: There have been two quilt releases, and one new blend of #ponderosathreadgloss. I'll talk about those in another post, but for now, here are some links and pretty pictures:




Thanks for tuning in. I promise to write to you more! Let me know what you want to hear about.

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