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Pattern Review: Then Came June's Meadowland Quilt

Get ready to bask in the glory of one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen. Every inch of this quilt was made with the high attention to detail that I adore my friend Maechen for. She turned this (justifiably) viral quilt pattern into her own masterpiece.

Here's Maechen's moody, gorgeous meadowland:

And here are some of my other favorite Meadowland makes, from the pattern designer Meghan Buchanan's instagram. Make sure to give her a follow!


I've been bugging my IRL bestie Maechen Heitzman of MaechenMarie to become a content contributor for Paige Anderson Home Goods + Design for ages, and because of the beauty of this quilt it was TIME. Here you go, here's 18million photos of the Maechen's Meadowland Quilt (pattern by Then Came June), made with my hand-dyed fabrics and Hoffman Batiks.

Without further ado, here's some words on the creative process by Maechen.


The inspiration for my Meadowland started with the fabric. Usually I pick the pattern before the fabric but this one was the complete opposite. In June 2018 – Paige released some natural hand dyed fabric fat quarters (FQ) that I had to snag. Each print has similar in color but a different pattern within. I knew I wanted to make these babies shine to their full potential.

About this time, I started to see Meghan of ‘Then Came June’s Meadowland quilt pop up all over Instagram. It was such a hit and I knew I’d jump on that train and sew one! Instinctively I thought I’d make the pattern in my traditional style – if you follow me, you know – symmetrical, ombre, rainbow, solids is typically my go to. It just didn’t seem right until I looked over at my stack of hand dyed fabric. DING

I let the pattern and fabric sit there and for MONTHS. 5 months… a bit longer than I would have liked. Wedding planning does that. As November rolled around, I began to play around with the stack. Originally, I thought of using the pink and orange tones, but they all formed together and there was no distinction. It needed a cooler color for some contrast. That’s when I had Paige send me some of her dyed teal fabric – it was a perfect tone to pair with the different shades of pink. (I’ve been all about the teal / turquoise color recently).

I didn’t quite have enough FQ from Paige so I had to improvise – Usually most of my quilts happen like this. I see a couple prints I like. When I start to actually make the quilt I need more prints and pull from what I already have. It makes my creative engine work – sometimes I find what I need instantly and other times it can sit there while I mull on it for weeks. Necessity is the mother of invention – right?

This time – I had just made some bags with some Black and White Batiks by Hoffman Fabrics. So I had a couple scraps lying around I wanted to use. I threw those in and it was just right. It added depth to the pale teals and pinks. AND it used up some oddly shaped scraps. WIN WIN.

Overall – this Meadowland pushed my creativity. It didn’t end up like I originally thought. If I had more of those FQ who knows what my quilt would look like. But that’s the beauty of the process. It changes over time – and you should let it!


If you're as smitten with this truly unique quilt as I am, you can acquire it here.


Maechen Heitzman is a self-proclaimed #millennialquilter living in beautiful Northwest Washington. She specializes in sewing reusable bags and is on a mission to make it easier for each of us to be kinder to the earth. We all forget to bring our reusable bags into the store from time to time, but Maechen's beautiful, functional, strong and incredibly stylish multipurpose bags make it easier to remember EVERY time.

You can shop MaechenMarie bags + quilts here, in her five-star-rated Etsy shop. Maechen even does custom orders! You can grab 15% off with the code PAIGESENTME. You're welcome!

and don't forget to keep up with Maechen on Instagram!


and one last thing: don't forget to sign up for embroidery workshops before they sell out!

Thanks for reading! You can always contact me via email at or find me on instagram @thewildsweetpea.

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