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Fleetwood Quilt Pattern Digital Download out now!

Good Afternoon! It's still smoky as heck here in the Pacific Northwest... so it goes in the days of radical climate change, right? Hoping for rain.

Anywho, I've spent this last week stuck indoors because of the unhealthy air conditions, perfecting the PDF version of the Fleetwood quilt pattern. You can download it HERE. YAY! You'll love this one! It comes in 3 sizes: baby, throw, and queen.

About the Fleetwood Quilt: Modern quilting is about breaking the rules and constraints of traditional quilting and redefining what you expect quilts to look and feel like, utilizing negative space and scale to make a statement. Rather than block-based construction, the Fleetwood quilt top is pieced column by column. The title "Fleetwood" is an homage to the classic Fleetwood Mac song "Go your Own Way", reflecting how the arrow designs of this quilt pull your focus in all different directions.The Fleetwood quilt pattern is perfect for beginner and experienced quilters alike. Choose 5 fabrics to work with, or raid your scrap bin and select pieces in 5 different color groups.

Download here!


It's a big day! I also had the amazing opportunity of writing a guest blog for the Creative Women's League. The CWL is a podcast that I've been listening to for a long while, and I've actually mentioned it a bunch here on my own creative process blog. It is hands down, my favorite podcast, filled with inspiration, motivation, and know-how to get our creative asses going each week. And now, there's a blog, too!

Read my post here about how to turn your passion into a creative business, how to get out of your life rut, and how motherhood helped me find my way.


see ya later!

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