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Meet the Fleetwood Quilt + A Fabric Giveaway

It started with a watercolor sketch of some triangles that I kept coming back to. If you’ve seen my last two patterns, The Millennial Quilt and Desert Angles Quilt, you know that I’ve kind of got a thing for quilts that utilize negative space and half-square triangles. If you looked at my sketchbook, you’d figure out that I am absolutely OBSESSED.

With this particular watercolor sketch, I also used all of my favorite colors. Peachy pinks, blues, mints, teals, rusty oranges. Looking at this sketch, I thought, THIS QUILT IS SO ME. And that’s the point of this whole “What Shade are You?” thing, right? Right. So, with that, I stayed up way too late scrolling the RJR instagram and Quilt With Love blog. The next morning, I decided to listen to the advice of one of my quilty idols, Emily Dennis. She says, if you want something, you just need to ask. The worst that can happen is that you’re told no.

And they said yes, and scheduled me in for the August 10th installment of the Quilt With Love blog "What Shade are You" series. READ IT HERE

A couple months later, here we are: Meet the Fleetwood Quilt.

Visit the quilt with love blog to read more about the Fleetwood Quilt: The meaning behind the name, my fabric selections, my creative process, and more! READ IT HERE

Also, here's a rad giveaway for the RJR Cotton Supreme Solids I used:

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