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Spend more time creating: Living a creative, happy life.

A few days ago when I had my pop-up shop & trunk show hosted by Industrie Redux in downtown Olympia, I had the distinct joy of teaching two young kids how to sew. We went over the steps of how to measure fabric, how to place right sides together, how to line up fabric on the quarter-inch line on the sewing machine, and most importantly... how to control the pedal and guide the fabric to stitch straight seams. The pop-up didn't go too grand, sales-wise, but I am so in awe of these two kids' enthusiasm for learning to sew. It truly, honestly, made my day to teach a little bit about what I'm most passionate about. I can't stop thinking about it.

Let me level with you. I was going to pass on writing about the Handmade with Love bundle by Ultimate Bundles. Even though I regularly read the bundles, and I've been loving this one, sometimes it gets so exhausting to take myself away from my own creative process and my endless to-do list to step back, and try to inspire others to live more creative lives. But, interacting with these two kiddos, and seeing their enthusiasm over the kinds of things I make, rekindled my mission here, on this blog. I'll say it louder for the people in the back: I JUST WANT TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO LIVE MORE CREATIVE LIVES.

Last week, I had a job interview at one of my favorite quilt shops (I did get the job but I had to turn down because of childcare. The reality of being a mom in america). When the owner asked me what I ultimately want from my life, how I seek joy, the obvious answer was BEING CREATIVE AND INSPIRING OTHERS TO DO SOMETHING EACH DAY THAT WON'T BE UNDONE. Because crafting, making art, writing, it feels good. For me, that's working with fabric and thread. For you, it might be painting. It might be crochet. It might be embroidery. It might be textile collage. It might be designing home decor. It might be sewing clothes. It might be any number of and combination of outlets. Whatever it is, do more of what makes you happy.

So that's the reason I do affiliate marketing in addition to writing about my own work and creative process... because talking about yourself all the time is BORING. I want to inspire YOU to try something new. Learn new skills. Be kinder to people. Live with intention. Make time for creativity. I want to help you find the tools and resources to be your best creative self. And yes, sometimes I use some deals online and affiliate links to help me do that. Yes, I earn some commission when you purchase a class, trial subscription, product, or whatever it is that I'm recommending. And I'm telling you this, because I believe transparency and trust are so important, no matter the relationship. Even the relationship between a creative writer and her reader. I'd never recommend I've received a few email responses to recent blog posts asking why I include affiliate links in my blog posts. All of the reasons above, and also because it helps me be financially able to deliver free content to you every week. Yes, even artists need money. (The reality of being an artist in capitalist america). You don't have to click on links. You can stop reading whenever. It literally doesn't cost you anything to read everything around the links-- that level of support is enough. I just include links to resources I think you may purchase anyway... how convenient, right?

Ok, ramble over. Moving on. Let me tell you about the Handmade with Love bundle.


Do you know why I love handcrafting?It’s happy, soulful work that helps you unplug, recenter, and restore — and I want to help you do more of it!

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the Handmade with Love Super Bundle created by the folks at Ultimate Bundles. Whether your passion is Quilting, Sewing, Crocheting, Appliquée, Embroidering, Knitting, Cross-Stitching, Dyeing, or handcrafting in general… (Or if you’re totally new to this but inspired to give it a try!) …this time-and-money-saving bundle will help you spend less time prepping and more time making.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 200+ stylish, modern patterns you can’t get in big box stores

  • Clear instructions, tutorials, and material lists for each project

  • Projects for all skill levels — from complete beginner to seasoned expert

  • Online courses to sharpen your skills (or teach you new ones)

  • Enchanting, trendy designs for just-your-style home decor and accents

  • Darling handmade gift ideas for babies, children, and adults (perfect for the holidays!)

And last but not least, you’ll get serious savings — over $1,000 worth of patterns, designs, and instructions for only $47.

That’s a 95% discount on an incredible digital collection of 200+ patterns, projects, and step-by-step tutorials for literally months (or years!) of handcrafting bliss.

Get the Handmade with Love Super Bundle for only $47. Click here!

This bundle is backed by a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee, so you’re welcome to give it a try and return it later if it’s not a good fit. But with so many patterns, projects, and styles of crafting included, I’m confident you’re going to LOVE it. (Or maybe you know a friend, family member or even child who would be in crafting heaven? It’s the perfect gift!)

But in case you’re on the fence or still have questions, I want to tell you more about what’s included in this huge collection of handcrafting projects, patterns and online courses.

First, if you’re new to handcrafting, this bundle is PERFECT for you because it’s a chance to sample dozens of styles and techniques to find the ones you enjoy the most.

Or, if you’re more experienced, you might already know what styles and techniques you enjoy.

So here are two reasons why this bundle is a terrific value for you:

1. It’s HUGE.

So, let’s say you’re only into quilting. Good news – the quilting resources in this bundle are worth almost $150 by themselves. You’re still saving almost 70% even if you never touch the other products.

(And the same goes for basically every category or craft type represented in the bundle, even if quilting isn’t your thing.) And if, like me, you're a quilting fanatic... there are e-books and patterns from Alison Glass (!!!), Yvonne Fuchs (Quilting Jet Girl), Abby Glassenberg, Alyce Blyth, and more. You can see the full contents of the bundle here, scroll way down on the page.

2. It’s a low-cost way to learn something new.

Since you’re paying for the products you know you’ll enjoy, you can think of the others as free bonuses — and a chance to learn a new technique you’ve always wanted to try.

(Like sewing, crocheting, weaving, appliqué, embroidering, quilting, knitting, cross stitching, fabric dyeing, and more!) Personally, I came here for the quilting and fabric dyeing, but everything is absolutely so interesting to read through on my tablet before bed, while nursing, while waiting for the dentist, whatever. It's so much cheaper than those craft magazines I somehow keep buying even though they're like ten dollars and available at the library.

This bundle is stuffed with so many patterns, eBooks, and eCourses, you would normally have to spend over $1,000 to buy them all individually. Yeah, that's why I got it. I'm on a budget, y'all.

But with the Handmade with Love Super Bundle, you can save 95% and get the entire collection for only $47.

It’s a chance to save money and — more importantly — save time, so you can dive right into hours of happy handcrafting projects.

Whether you’re new to crafting, or looking for an affordable way to fuel your favorite addiction (using that term lightheartedly), this bundle is the perfect way to treat yourself.

So jump right in and start making.

I'll go on.

Have you ever roamed aimlessly through a department store or clicked your way through Amazon (you should try etsy instead) searching for the perfect gift that just doesn’t seem to exist? I have. Sometimes, the perfect gift isn’t hiding in a store. Sometimes, it’s a gift you make yourself that shows the most love, brings the biggest smile, and gets cherished for the longest time. Maybe you'll learn a new skill that will go beyond gifts, going into your next business venture.

And believe me, I know some of you might be groaning right now, The internet is chock-a-block full of lame homemade gift ideas. (Another modge podge pencil holder, anyone?) You only have to glance at pinterest for a few seconds to compile a list of things you definitely wouldn't want to make. But homemade gifts don’t have to be let downs. They can be fresh, modern, even trendy! Yes, my teenage siblings still don't believe that and always ask me NOT to make them anything... but then they totally made the chic zipper pouches I made them for christmas. Check your assumptions! Start making awesome handmade gifts that don’t suck. All gifts are special, but something magical happens when you take the time to create them with your own two hands.Time is precious, and when you give yours away in the form of a beautiful handmade gift, you give more than just an object. You give love. Isn’t that the point? I think that giving and receiving handmade is just so special, and this doesn't exclusively mean giving things that you made-- there are a million other handmade artists out there so there is no reason NOT to support handmade even if you don't want to give away things you make.

And the Handmade with Love Super Bundle is full of patterns and tutorials for creating these meaningful handmade gifts that will be opened with whispers of “Wow, you made this??”

But fair warning, crafting is addictive. Once crocheting (or any other handcraft) gets its hooks in you, there may be no coming back. Do it anyways. Live your best creative life.

So why not go for it?

On a side note, if you're interested in gaining inspiration and several quilt patterns for less than the average cost of just one pattern, head over to Make Modern magazine and download any of their issues. I have a pattern in issue 23!

Next week, I'll be writing about how to organize a trunk show + pop-up market. In the meantime, in the studio I'll be finishing up a commissioned quilted wallhanging and prepping a few quilts for entry in the local county fair.

Until next time!

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