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Call for Pattern Testers! Mountain Sunset Quilt

Hello! Happy friday-junior, as I like to call Thursdays.

It's been a rough week, I think my kid is teething, or SOMETHING, but I somehow managed to carve out some time to sketch up a new quilt design that I'm really excited about. I've also been busy preparing products for my booth at Night Market Vancouver next week.

As you may have read in this previous post, I planned to release a new pattern quarterly from here on out. In accordance with that goal, I give you... The Mountain Sunset Quilt. I will be chipping away at this quilt design for the next few weeks. It's another ode to my lust for the American Southwest, and how badly I want to move there. This pattern is ideal for intermediate sewists, uses only 7 different fabrics, and can be made in any size-- just add blocks!

Left: An example of the wall hanging or crib quilt size and layout.

Below: An example of the queen sized version and potential layout.

If you are interested in pattern testing this quilt in February, please comment below with your email address and a link of where I can find examples of your previous work, and I will contact you as soon as the preliminary pattern is ready for testing.

Or if you're a previous pattern tester, just comment below to say hi and let me know if you want to try this project!

My last pattern, The Millennial Quilt, is available for download here. If paper patterns are more your thing, you can order a beautiful and crisp pattern here.

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